Why it's worth it

WOOD-TECH EXPO is an opportunity for wood-processing machinery and technology suppliers and their recipients (woodwork company representatives, as well as carpenters) to connect and participate in business talks.
A showcase of products from accessory and blank producers, ranging from boards, handles to veneers and chemicals. 

Trade fairs are a perfect place for establishing new contacts. In 2019, 8 out of 10 visitors have established new business relations directly at the fairs organized at PTAK WARSAW EXPO. 73% of visitors have declared, that participating in trade fairs leads to important business decisions.

Hosted Buyers

Wood-Tech Expo enables the organization of business meetings with international clients

International event

Participating in WOOD-TECH gives you an unique opportunity to establish new and valuable contacts with Polish clients, as well as international

The largest partner database

We possess the partnership database of events such as: WARSAW HOME, Warsaw Industry Week


  • Construction company owners
  • Architects and interior designers
  • Private investors
  • Developers
  • Tourist and recreational owners
  • Woodsmen
  • Sawmill owners
  • Producers of woodwaste-derived biofuel
  • Furniture producers
  • Furniture factory owners
  • Independent craftsmen, carpenters
  • Carpentry shop owners
  • Craftsmen
  • Carpenters
  • Wooden construction solutions’ producers
  • Flooring and stair producers
  • Producers of interior furnishings
  • Producers of wooden housing
  • Wooden toy producers
  • Outdoor architecture producers



Ptak Warsaw Expo is located directly on the S8 route towards Katowice. Exit to Paszków. Access from the Chopin Airport will take about 10 minutes. From the center of Warsaw – 15 minutes. There will be no problem with parking, as our center has 15,000 parking spaces!


Buses 703, 711 from the Krakowska P + R depot to the “Paszków” stop or bus 733 to the “Centrum Mody” stop. Warning! “Paszków” and “Centrum mody” stops are located in the second ticket zone. Tickets can be purchased at most kiosks, ticket machines and buses.


Warsaw has three railway stations for long-distance trains: Central Station (Warszawa Centralna), Estern Railway Station (Warszawa Wschodnia) and Western Railway Station (Warszawa Zachodnia). By car, you can get from the Western Station to Ptak Warsaw Expo in 13 minutes.

Shuttle Bus

A free shuttle bus will be touring from the Centrum 03 bus stop, as well as the International Chopin Airport


Machinery and woodworking zone

Milling machines and saw producers

Sawmill machinery zone

Producers of the sawmill machine industry

De-dusting zone

De-dusting machinery, vacuums and ventilation producers

Integrated machinery zone

Producers of integrated machinery for the wood industry

Cutting machines zone

Producers of saws and other wood-cutting tools

Tools zone

Producers of specialty industrial tools

Accessory zone

Producers of cutters, drills and other wooden accessories

Wood protection zone

Producers of wood protection products and paints

Varnishing zone

Producers of paints and wood varnishes

Veneer zone

Producers of wooden veneers

Chemical zone

Producers of specialty glues and chemicals

Transport zone

Producers of heavy-duty equipment and forklifts

Specialty clothing zone

Producers of specialty clothing

Wood seasoning and drying machinery zone

Producers of wood drying and seasoning machinery


Frequently Asked Questions

The fair takes place at Ptak Warsaw Expo, Katowicka 62 Ave., 05-830 Nadarzyn, 114D Wolica, Poland

Tickets will be available on-line and on-site at reception during the Food Tech Expo. All persons who register online or at the trade fair office will receive a free admission ticket.

The invitation is for informational purposes only and does not entitle you to enter the fair. You need to register or purchase a ticket.

Admission for children is not recommended. However, if you want your child to accompany you during the fair, buy a ticket for the day. Admission to the fair for children under 12 is free.

The fair can be reached by car or free shuttle buses to Ptak Warsaw Expo from the center of Warsaw and Chopin Airport.

For the convenience of our guests, parking is free of charge.

Yes, there will be food courts at the fair.

Yes. There are cloakrooms in the halls and you will be able to leave a small suitcase in them.