Prospects for the wood market in Poland. Wood Tech Warsaw Expo is behind us

The Polish wood market is undergoing dynamic changes and faces new challenges. Wood Tech Warsaw Expo, which took place on March 7-9, 2023 at Ptak Warsaw Expo, was about them.

Polish CNC Group, Felder Group, Festool, Sturmer Maszyn, ITA Woodworking Machines and Tools, Teknika Industry Technologies, InfoTec CNC, BizeA, Polish Chamber of Commerce of the Wood Industry, IMA Schelling Group, Salvamac Group, Craft Drew, Amicus, Wood-Mizer, EBS, Metal Technika, Nawara or Merkur – among others, these exhibitors could be met during the Wood Tech Warsaw Expo, the wood processing and furniture production technology fair, which took place on March 7-9, 2023 at Ptak Warsaw Expo.

In total, during Wood Tech Warsaw Expo … exhibitors presented their services and products in the field of wood, veneer, trade, adhesives, cutting, processing, forestry machines, as well as tools, specialized clothing, fittings and seasoning to an excellent group of … visitors .

This event integrated the sector and presented its new perspectives. It allowed producers, distributors and manufacturers to meet B2B entrepreneurs and investors ready to invest capital in the Polish wood market. It also opened up to international cooperation thanks to the presence of foreign companies and representatives of the European branch of the industry. Thus, it allowed Polish entrepreneurs to expand the base of business contacts, expand the sales market and ensure greater market stability in times of dynamic changes in the sector.

Talks about the prospects for the wood market in Poland during the Wood Tech Warsaw Expo

And there’s been a lot of change recently. They mainly concern financial issues, including the situation on the eastern market, as well as rising inflation, rising prime costs and more expensive transport. Legislative changes also took place, which concerned, among others, the decisions of the State Forests. There were also concerns from associations cooperating with the wood industry regarding a direct and severe threat to the current and future competitiveness of the industry in Poland and on global markets.

All these topics were also discussed during the Wood Tech Warsaw Expo. It was possible thanks to cooperation with the Polish Chamber of Commerce of the Timber Industry. The conference entitled “Polish timber market. Status and prospects” dealt with the most important issues for this sector. Among others, the subject of the current situation on the timber market was discussed, with an emphasis on foreign trade in Polish timber. The prices of raw materials for 2023 and the place of Poland in the global perspective of the industry were also discussed. There were also discussions on the domestic sawn timber market, new import directions and the global timber market. In addition, they discussed what to do with FSC certification and indicated the prospects for the next months and years for the domestic wood market.

Wood Tech Warsaw Expo - a place of development for the industry

Wood Tech Warsaw Expo was an excellent platform for development for the industry. It showed new perspectives, challenges and allowed to ensure a safer and more certain “tomorrow” for this domestic sector. Thank you for participating in the event, we invite you to its next editions!