Challenges for the Polish wood industry, in a dynamically changing reality.


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March 5, 2024


Piotr Poziomski - President of the Chamber Polish Chamber of Commerce of Wood Industry-0 portrait


Piotr Poziomski - President of the Chamber Polish Chamber of Commerce of Wood Industry

What changes are in store for Polish timber companies?

Mateusz Dryjer - Managing Director of SPECBUD-0 portrait


Mateusz Dryjer - Managing Director of SPECBUD

Robotization in pallet production - case study company

Dominik Walaszek - President of the Management Board of AGGE-0 portrait-1 portrait


Dominik Walaszek - President of the Management Board of AGGE

Robotization of solid furniture production on the example of MARDOM company

Grzegorz Kotnarowski - President of the Management Board of WOODINSPECTOR-0 portrait


Grzegorz Kotnarowski - President of the Management Board of WOODINSPECTOR

Polish wood production optimization systems

content partner of the debate:

Conference room 1

March 6, 2024

The future of the furniture industry - opportunities and threats.

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Moderation : Jerzy Osika - PROMEDIA

Jerzy Osika - an expert in the furniture industry, management, and sales. Trainer, lecturer, moderator, and participant in expert discussion panels, juror, advisor, and publisher. He trains and advises companies in the furniture industry on effective strategies, management, sales, exhibition marketing, personal skills, and innovative trade.

Lecturer, moderator, and participant in expert discussion panels at national and international fairs and conferences (including in Las Vegas, Chicago, Toronto, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Frankfurt on the Main, Leipzig, Valencia, Porto, Kiev). Organizer of industry events (such as the Home&Garden Congress).

Juror of renowned competitions in Poland (including the Diamond of Furniture, Exhibition of the Year) and worldwide (including the Global Innovation Awards in Chicago, RetailME Awards in Dubai, RetailME Awards KSA in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia). Representative of Poland in the Expert Council of the world competition Euroshop Retail Design Award. Publisher and editor-in-chief of the interior equipment business portal ( Author of the blog Representative in Poland of the global trend agency Fashion Snoops from New York.

Owner and president of Promedia, which is a Strategic Partner of the National Chamber of Commerce of Furniture Producers. Promedia is a member of the Polish Chamber of Training Companies, holds a certificate of quality of training and advisory services SUS 2.0, and is listed in the Development Services Database of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.

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11:00 – 11.45

Block One: Competitiveness

  1. Does the Polish furniture industry still maintain competitiveness in foreign markets?
  2. What factors contribute to the loss of competitiveness in our industry?
  3. Is there a chance to reduce prices of strategic raw materials, such as wood and wood-based panels? What conditions would need to occur for us to expect significant price reductions?
  4. How can a competitive advantage be gained in an increasingly volatile and demanding market?


  • Michał Strzelecki - Director of the All-Poland Chamber of Commerce of Furniture Producers
  • Prof. Dr. Piotr Beer - Warsaw University of Life Sciences
  • Michał Kuryłło - Member of the Supervisory Board of The True Green

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12:00 – 12.45

Block Two: Human Resources and Automation

  1. How can we improve employees' competencies and leverage automation advantages to optimize production?
  2. Can we expect that in the near future, the production of hard and upholstered furniture will be completely automated?
  3. In the context of a shortage of skilled workforce, is importing workers from distant markets a beneficial strategy? What conditions need to be met for this process to be effective?
  4. A significant issue for the furniture industry is the decline in the vocational education system. How can this be addressed? Can Vocational Skills Centers be an effective solution to this problem?

Debate participants:

  • Michał Piłat - Managing Director, Board Member of HOMAG Polska
  • Tomasz Wiktorski - Owner of B+R Studio

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13:00 – 13.45

Block Three: Exports

  1. What export strategies will help us develop sales in international markets?
  2. European markets are becoming increasingly challenging for Polish companies, as evidenced by the declining dynamics of exports. What actions can the furniture industry take to increase sales in the Old Continent?
  3. Do distant markets such as the United States or India still remain an attractive target for the Polish furniture industry? What challenges need to be overcome to effectively penetrate these markets?


  • Agnieszka Chwiędacz - Export Director, Black Red White
  • Tomasz Wiktorski, Manager of the Polish showroom at the High Point trade fair in the USA
  • Marcin Winkowski, Sales Director, GTV

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14:00 - 14:05

Summary and acknowledgement

The Polish furniture industry is facing its biggest problems in years. Dynamically rising production costs are causing it to gradually lose its competitiveness on foreign markets, and weakening demand is causing sales to drop more and more.

What direction the furniture sector is heading in will be discussed at the next edition of Wood Tech Warsaw Expo at Ptak Warsaw Expo.

We would like to invite you on March 6, at 11:00 am, to an expert panel discussion titled “The future of the furniture sector”.

The future of the furniture industry. Opportunities and threats

The debate is organized by Wood Tech Warsaw Expo 2024, and the content partner is the Polish Chamber of Commerce of Furniture Manufacturers.

Top industry professionals will share their opinions and knowledge about the furniture market situation. Among other things, they will answer questions such as: how to increase sales in international markets, what to do to reduce costs, how to take care of qualified staff, how to use the advantages of automation and robotization, and how to optimize production.